How to Flirt Bisexual Women?

bisexual womenWith the right advice, flirting can be fun and exciting when you meet bisexual women in the crowd. Looking for a bisexual woman to start a good relationship, but no idea where to find one?

Flirting is part of every relationship. It is the easiest way to make someone feel that you are romantically attracted to her. It is common for women to flirt with men, but flirting with bisexual women is quite unusual.

Are you spending too much effort with the girl you want, but things are not working out. Learn the art of flirting. Sometimes, you get into a personal encounters relationship through flirting which usually works when you know how to do it in the right way.
When you flirt, consider first how you feel when someone shows interest with you. Probably, you will be flattered and enjoy the attention even you aren’t interested at all. Flirting can be obvious such as making a conversation and shifting the body toward the person while flashing a naughty smile.

10 Common Ways  Women  Flirt With Other Bisexual Women

  1. Starting with a casual conversation
  2. Direct eye contact
  3. Looking at her lips while talking
  4. Smiling at her with your eyes
  5. Sitting or standing close to her
  6. Leaning towards her
  7. Playing or twirling with her hair
  8. Biting your lips
  9. Touching her leg, arm, or back
  10. Complimenting her

Knowing the perfect timing to flirt is quite tricky especially if don’t have enough exposure in the lesbian world. People usually flirt to start a good connection to someone they really like. This step by step advice will help you how to do your own thing and make it work for you.

  1. Know if the girl is bi-sexual or lesbian, if not back off.Ask help from a friend to tell her that someone like her. Observe how she reacts when she knows about your gender. If you think she is open to girls, there is a good chance to know her better.
  2. Flirting becomes successful if you do the right thing. Get to know her and try to become friends. Ask her to go out, text herm call her, and talk to her in class.
  3. Know the art of subtle flirting.Be friend with your girl and make her feel at ease when you are around. Compliment her clothes, eyes, legs, hair, skin, body, etc. Just make her feel beautiful and special
  4. Level Up Your Flirting Style.Lesbian or bisexual women particularly love flirting of the eyes. When you feel that your effort is not paying off, it’s time to level up your style. Aside from subtle flirting, make an effort to have physical contact like hugging her when saying hello and goodbye, put your hand on her shoulder, or play with her hair.
  5. Be thoughtful and genuine.Always check her and try to have a more personal conversation. Make her feel that she is special and you care about her. Pay attention on her favorite food, movie, and sports.
  6. Let her know your gender preference.The truth will set you free. Tell her that you are a bi-sexual. If you’ve done all the strategies mentioned above but show no response, maybe you should be contended for being a friend, sooner or later she might change her perception in life and eventually see your good qualities, effort, and affection.

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