Safe-Sex tips for bisexual women and men

Generally bisexual women are on low risk of the HIV infection or unplanned pregnancy. But, sex between women isn’t always safe, and the bisexual females are as vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases as women who are having sex with men. Thus, women need to to know bisexual health, risks and protect themselves.

  • Try speaking about what you want from each other. If you think you cannot do this then you are shying away from your demands which will mean that your relationship is too raw for you to have sex.
  • Try using condoms for sex toys especially if these toys are for the genital areas.
  • Do not share the sex toys if you haven’t cleaned them yourselves or if you haven’t changed the condoms. Use antibacterial or antiseptics for cleaning the toys.
  • For oral sex, use dental protection or gloves.
  • Dispose the plastic items which have been used without rubber and also dispose the rubber.
  • If you are using lubricants use only those which are water based. Oil based lubricants can render rubber ineffective.
  • Do not touch your partner’s vagina and anus without washing your hands, tongue or sex toy.
  • Prohibit the intake of drugs or alcohol during sex. This can put you off guard.
  • After every six months go for a HIV AIDS check up.

What is a ‘safe sex’?

bi coupleThe ‘safe sex’ is a activity in which you’re not a risk of getting infected with either HIV or STD. The bisexual safety tips for sex generally refers to sex where risk of getting infected with the HIV or STD is highly minimised. One can protect themselves from the HIV and STDs just by ensuring that the infected fluids, like blood and vaginal fluids, don’t enter the body during sex. Certain precautions have to be taken that include not sharing any sex toys, or when doing so, using new condom for every partner. If you are interested in bisexual online dating, you should pay attention to that. Some sexual activities also are considered to be at lower risk, for instance touching, hugging, massage or masturbation. But, STDs like crabs and herpes can get e on through the skin contact alone. An only way to make sure bisexual health is they’re not on risk during sex will be both are complete tested, and haven’t had sexual contact to other men or women since.

Oral sex – Risk of HIV getting passed on by oral sex is very low, however it can be increased if woman has sores or cuts in mouth, or if partner receiving the oral sex has got sores on genitals or having her period. The oral sex safety tips is much safer when you use ‘dental dam’ (square of latex and cling film) in order to stop vaginal fluid and menstrual blood getting in your mouth. The condom cut open & spread flat also can be used.

Sharing sex toys – By sharing sex toys can be a little risky if they’ve the vaginal fluids, blood and faeces on them. Clean them nicely & have one each.