Things to avoid if you are dating a bisexual/bi-curious girl

dating-tipsUsually, to date bisexual female is a matter of trust for the individuals of the same gender. The girls who are lesbians are often afraid of dating a bisexual girl as they believe that they cannot be trusted with long term relationships as they will always leave a girl to date a man. That usually is not the case. The bisexual girls are just as trustworthy as the lesbians are. They are not experimenting, they are simply interested in both the genders and that is completely acceptable. But while you are dating a bi-curious / bisexual girl there are some dos and don’ts.


  • Do not bring the topic of gender preference up.

Bisexuals are interested in both the sexes, so asking her if she likes a manly body more or the feminine curves more is totally pointless. Bisexuals when move into a relationship, do so depending upon how they feel for the person and not on the sex.

  • They have choices just like the straight people.

Just because the pretty lady you are talking to is a bisexual does not mean, that she can like everyone and anyone. The bisexual girl too have feelings, and likes, dislikes standards and a basis to choose. So if you think that she can like you just because of her sexual orientation, then you are absolutely wrong. Do not take her for granted; woo her like you would woo any other girl.

  • Respect her sexual orientation

You should understand that to date bisexual female is just as much a part of her identity as your sexuality completes your personality. Do not think that if she is going to accept you calling her straight if you are a boy or calling her a lesbian if you are a girl. She is bisexual and that is a fact. The sooner you accept it the better for your relationship.

  • She is bisexual does not mean she is immoral

Many people think that a woman who is bisexual is liable to having a lot of casual sex. It is true that bisexual girl have casual sex, but when the heterosexuals can have sex for more than just pleasure reasons then why do you think you have gained the right to call her names just because she is bi.

  • Know that she bisexual but not confused

Her sexual interest in both the sexes does not mean that she is confused or experimenting. Do not ask her whether being in a relationship with you is an experiment for her. She is with you because she likes you and not because you are her laboratory mouse. Stop treating her that way.

  • Do not allow jealousy to affect your relationship

Many a time people think that a bisexual person will get into a relationship with the next good looking guy or girl. Of course every gate is open to them, but they are in a relationship with you because they want to.